Driving lessons in English

Welcome at rijschool James. The professional driving school for Leusden, Amersfoort, Woudenberg, Scherpenzeel,  Stoutenburg, Achterveld, Barneveld, Veenendaal, Hoevelaken, Nijkerk , Baarn, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Soesterberg, Soest, Zeist, Den Dolder, Eemnes , Hilversum and Utrecht.

Rijschool James can offer you an entire driving course in English. This possibility to learn driving a car by getting lessons in English, is for getting the driver license in one time! This is an unique opportunity that is given by rijschool James.

Why should I choose for James?

Driving school James is specialized in giving car driving lessons, and there is a possibility to get  the entire driving course in English. This includes practical lessons, theory and exam. The main goal is to help students pass their exam! This is an unique opportunity given by rijschool James. To achieve the main goal, there is developed a teaching method which will help the student to understand what it takes to become a good driver on the road. Of course this is not easy and it will be a hard road to take, but it will be worth in the end when you get your Dutch license how to get out of-a timeshare agreement.

How does it work?

First there will be a trial lesson of 1 hour (€60). There will be a meet and greet to see if there is a match with the instructor. If so, then the student can start planning the driving lessons with the instructor. If  there is not a match with the instructor, then the student is free to go and search for another driving school. After a certain amount of driving hours it is possible to start trial exams. This is an copy of the real exam from the CBR. During the trial exam the instructor will look at the driving skills and he will give you a mark for the performance. This means that the student needs to score a minimum mark of 7, 5 points in order to go for the real exam at CBR. The trial tests are free of costs. The student can take as many tests as he thinks he needs. On top of that as a bonus, the student is offered a TTT which is a real trial exam at the CBR, done by a real examiner. After all these tests and practice the student will be well prepared to pass the final practical exam for the driving license.

Why here?

Because of the working base of rijschool James, the driving school has a passing rate of 70% or higher for the student. The driving school has also an online English learning platform for theory. The price of the login is €40, but the students can get this for only €20. (After liking and adding on Facebook or Google+)

If there are any questions or questions to know more about rijschool James, please contact by phone or e-mail. You will be helped forward!

Driving lessons in English

Rijschool James has experience with English speaking students. Don’t hesitate to ask for a FREE trial lesson and experience it for yourself!

Online theory course in English

Online course to help the student pass the theory exam.

CBR practical exam

The official practical exam of CBR is included in the special packages offered by rijschool James.


Official trial exam at CBR.

       Limited offer

  • €2000
  • FREE trial lesson
  • 30 hours
  • CBR TTT exam included
  • Practical exam included
  • Several tests exams

        Lesson package 1

  • €1375
  • FREE trial lesson
  • 20 hours
  • Practical exam included
  • spread payments possible

      Lesson package 2

  • €1850
  • FREE trial lesson
  • 30 hours
  • Practical exam included
  • spread payments possible


Other rates

         Other rates

  • single driving lesson €60
  • Strippenkaart 10 uur €550
  • Strippenkaart 10,5 uur €575
  • CBR TTT €225
  • CBR Practical exam €275
  • BNOR exam €375
  • CBR performance anxiety exam €350
  • Theory book €20 (to rent)
  • Herexamen package A                    (5 uur+examen) €575
  • Herexamen package B                  (10 uur+examen) €825
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